New Moment New Ideas Sofia

New Moment New Ideas Sofia

The most awarded agency in the Balkans. Winner of 8 Cannes Lions: Titanium, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

Banja Luka - Belgrade - Ljubljana - Piran - Podgorica - Pristina - Sarajevo - Skopje - Sofia - Tirana - Zagreb

Our mission: to inspire products, companies, people, cities, and countries to shine at their most radiant. We sprinkle the gold dust.

Our motto: nothing is created unless it was dreamt first.

Our philosophy:

Believing in the power of creativity and good ideas, we at New Moment are heading more than 250 multinational and national brands in nine Southeast European offices, and we implement an integrated approach to communication, covering ATL, BTL, PR, design, branding, digital, art, media services, event management.

Balkan Creativity for the whole world.